1- What is Blue Cruise and Gulet Charter ?
Blue Cruise in Turkey started with exploration tours of a very well known writer Cevat sakir and his writer friends Azra Erhat and Selahattin Eyuboglu in 1950s and named as Blue Cruise after Azra Erhat's book in 1957. In those years simple fishing and sponging boats are used for Blue Cruise and after 90s the boats named Gulets with modern design, twin poles, A/C , TV , generator etc. are very popular in Blue Cruise and a very popular choice for gulet holidays.

Nowadays all weekly boat and gullet trips in Aegean and Mediterranean Seas starting from Bodrum - Gocek - Marmaris - Fethiye - Kos and Rhodes - Greek Islands called Blue Cruise. If you do not have enough numbers to rent a gulet, you can join our cabin charters departing from Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Rhodes, and you can share the pleasure with other worldwide guests. Cabin Charters

2 - What is the Best Season for Blue Cruise?
From April to November the weather and the sea will be suitable for blue cruise in. In june and September you can suntan without any sunburns. However if you would like to swim any hour of day and night we recommend you July and august. In low season the sea and the beaches will not be crowded and you can enjoy the nature, there can be showers but they will not lead more than couple of hours. In low season we can apply you extra discounts.

Weather and Sea Conditions
April May June July Aug Sept Oct
Air Temp 24 26 30 33 34 30 24
Sea Temp 18 20 22 24 25 24 22

3- What are the Criteria When Selecting a Gulet - Yacht - Sail Boat?
We are happy to help you to select a gulet which is suitable for your group, number and budget. Our agency is working from 1990 and we have lots of experience yacht - gulet - sail boats on this subject. We can assure you that you will not have any problems during blue cruise with our gulet - yachts and boats. While we are dealing with your trip with our 27 years experience, you can enjoy the sun and the sea. The most important point for gulet rentals is to decide a boat suitable for your group and number of passengers.

Mostly gulets are preferred for blue cruise however you can also prefer motoryacht, sailing boat or catamaran. When you are making your decision you should consider the details such as cabins, crew, kitchen, sun bathing area. If you prefer a large area on the boat you can chose gulet, if you prefer sailing you can prefer catamaran or sailing boats, if you like luxury on the boat you can prefer motor yachts or deluxe gulet yachts. We have a large range of boats which will meet your-requests.

4- What is the Job Description for Staff at the Boat?
The number of staff at the Gulets changes according to number of cabins. There are 2- 3 staff at boats with 3 or 4 cabins, 3 staff (captain, cook and sailor) for boats with 5 - 6 cabins and in luxury gulets and motor yachts. If you would like to find a Gulet which you can have your dream holiday without any problems with the boat or the staff, you can contact with our team.
You can reach our team via + 90 252 313 36 38 or bodrum@bluecruisebodrum.com

In gulet and motor yacht rentals a captain and a cook is included in the price however for catamaran or sailing boats a captain is included in the price. If you rent a catamaran or a sailing boat you can have your meals at restaurants on the itinerary or you can prepare your meals or you can rent another boat with hostess or cook.

5- Food and Beverage on Board
The crew on the gulet - yacht will prepare and serve breakfast, lunch, 5'oclock tea and dinner reasonable hours. The menus which will be served on board will prepare according your preferences and According to weather and sailing conditions the timings can be change by captain. You can select the menus from our previous menus or if you want we can prepare a special menu for you. If you would like to have dinner on mainland we can suggest you restaurants on your itineary and make your reservations. We can help you with our standard, luxury, deluxe menus according to your requests.

If you want us to do the shopping we will provide goods from well known markets like Metro , Migros , Kipa, local fish shops and groceries. If you would like to make your shopping before our departure cook of your gulet - yacht - boat can accompany you and help you with your shopping and we will arrange transportation of your goods free of charge. According to our company policy the bill of the goods will handle to you by shop owners to avoid any commission etc. For beverages you can bring them with you and our crew will be happy to serve them, we are not applying any obligation for having beverages from boats bar.

6- What Kind of Activities We Can Make During Blue Cruise?
During Blue Cruise you can swim, enjoy the sun, read books or magazines or rest. If you are a water sports fan our crew will arrange activities for you according to the location of your boat.

If you would like to go to mainland you can visit historical or touristic places, go walking or rent a bike, motorcycle or car to make a little trip to nearby places. You can find information on our website useful information about the places you can visit during each itinerary. Our crew will help you for your reservations.

7- Can we visit Greek Islands during Blue Cruise?
The procedure for entering by boat - yacht or Gulet is same for any other ways. Please check your country's visa procedure with Greece and Schengen Countries. We will provide visa and passport for the crew of the boat however visa of the passengers is thie own responsibility. The agreement between us can be use during visa application. The tax of Greek ports and expenses should be pay by the renters. The budget for these expenses are form 350 € to 750 € which can change according to the dimensions of the boat or number of passengers.

8- Which Itineraries Can We Go?
We have prepared different itineraries for you, please click here to review our itineraries. We hope one of our itineraries will meet your requests, budget or expectations. If you would like to start yur tour from another port or Greek Islands we would be happy to help.

9- What Should We Bring with Us for Blue Cruise?
For your weekly tour on the gulet or yacht your basic needs will be least 2 swim suites, sun protection cream, sun glasses, hat and towel. You should also bring a simple polar sweatshirt, for rainy days a raincoat, if you would like to spend some time on mainland t-shirts, shorts and dresses. Most of the boats the deck is tick and you will not allowed t wear shoes when you are on the boat, if do not want to be bare feet you can bring plastic slippers or sea / surf shoes. If you prefer folding sport suitcases they can give you more space in your cabin. If you are travelling with lots of suitcases we can storage empty suitcases in our Bodrum Offices.

10- What is Included in the Price for Rentals?
In private boat or gullet bookings all charter & berth taxes at the home port, home port mooring fees, boat insurance, fuel, transit log, dry cleaning, tap water, staff and snorkel, maks, fins, fishing equipments and canoes are included in the price.

11- What is NOT Included in the Price?
In private gulet and yacht rentals Greek Island and private ports taxes and expenses, shopping for food and beverages, drinking water, land excursions, from/to airport transfer are NOT included in rental price. If you satisfied after the cruise you can tip the crew %5-10 of rental fee.

12- Can We Bring Snorkels, Masks and Fins with Us? Can We Make Diving during Blue Cruise?
Snorkels, masks and fins are available for common use on most of the gulet boats however for hygiene reasons you can bring your own stuff. If you are interested in diving or if you are a certificated diver the staff of the boat can arrange diving with nearest diving boats. We can also arrange 3 days PADI certificated trainings before or after blue cruise.

13- Can We Bring Our Pet with Us?
In general it is not allowed to bring pets to boats. However in some boats if you accept to pay additional fee for cleaning and for the damages that you pet can cause you can bring your pet. If you would like to bring your pet, please inform us and we will find a suitable boat for you.

14- Is there Age Limitation for Kids in Private Gulet Rentals?
There is no age limitation for kids in private boats, gullets, motor yachts or sailing boats. However you should take the whole responsibility of your child. You can bring ipad, game console, books or toys to keep them busy. , Our crew will cook special foods such as pizza, potato chips, meat balls, cake for our little passengers.

15- What is the Departure Days for Private Gulet - Yacht - Boat Rentals? For How Many Days We Can Rent the Gulet Boat for Blue Cruise?
Departure and return days for boats are Saturday. On check in days you can enter the boat at 2:30 pm and on return day you should leave the boat latest at 10:00 am. In low seasons according to the availability of the boat you can change your return date. For private rentals we can offer you weekly, 3 nights 4 days and only weekend reservations.

16- Is it Allowed to Smoke Cigarettes or Pipe on the Gulets - Yachts - Boats?
Smoking cigarettes and pipe is not allowed in cabins or salon because of security, health and hygiene reasons. You can smoke on the deck of the boat. Our all gulets - yachts and boats have same rules no smoking inside.

17- What are the Yacht - Gulet - Boat Categories?
Boats without AC: The design of the boats in this category is same as the other categories. The only difference is the boats in this category have no air condition. There will be private wc and shower in each cabin. These boats can prefer in spring and autumn trips when the weather is rather chilly in the evenings. The rental fees of these boats is economical than others.

Standard Gulets: These gulet boats have private wc, shower and AC in each cabin.

Luxury Gulets: The luxury gulet boats in this category have larger cabins than standard boats. There are at least two master cabins and private wc, shower and AC in each cabin.

Deluxe Gulets: Deluxe gulet boats are specially designed to meet all your needs. There is TV, satellite, Ac in each cabin and in saloon and each part of the boat designed carefully. For decoration of the boat last technologies and luxury furniture have been used. The crews of these boats are minimum 5 pax. You can find water sports equipments such as water ski, jetski, hot tub, wind surf,banana , cano in deluxe boats.

18- Can We Reserve Land Excursions or Hotel Before or After Blue Cruise - Gulet rental?
We can arrange land excursions or make your hotel reservations before or after your Blue Cruise. According to your departing port you can visit Ephesus, Dalyan or go to Turkish Bath or Village Tour. If you want we can prepare a special package with hotels, tours and transfers. Our company main website: www.bodrumtour.com

19- Is There Electricity in the Boat? Can we Bring our Electronic Devices ?
The electricity is 220 volt in Turkey and you can charge your ipad, mobile phones, laptop during sailing. In luxury and deluxe boats there is power generator and when it is working you can alos charge your devices. If you are going to need power supply for 24 hours please inform us during reservation and we will recommend you suitable boats. For sailing boats and catamaran limited hours for 220 volts.

20- What is the Payment Plan for Gulet - Yacht and Boat Rentals?
The percentage of down payment changes from 30% to 50% according to the type of the boat you choose. The rest of the payment should be done in cash on check-in day. If you make early booking , down payment on january, february, march or april, we will apply special discounts from % 5 to % 50