Our agency is operating in Bodrum and surrounds since 1990, we have 3 different offices located in Bodrum. We are providing gulet and yacht rental , blue cruise, cabin charters , private tours, daily boat rentals, airport transfers and rent a car services. Our agency is a member of Bodrum Chamber of Commerce, Milas Chamber of Commerce, Bodrum Chamber of Shipping and Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.

Our three offices in Bodrum are serving twelve months of the year with our professional staff. Tourism is growing fast in Turkey in last year’s this also affects the quality of given services. A lot of agencies serving online without any offices and qualifications appeared. These agencies do not apply for membership of any chamber of commerce or Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and they are serving illegally.

In Turkey every travel agency should be a member of these organizations and if you are travelling with a agency you should ask for their papers. Every legal company must have a corporate bank account and they should as for down payments or payments into these accounts.

If you are making your reservation online you should look for corporate accounts and ask for them. Our agency is operating legally on blue cruise, gulet yacht rental, private tours, daily boat rentals, airport transfers and rent a car services all over Turkey and can provide any documents according to your request.